About Us

Our Mission

The Milieu Therapeutic Services, its divisions, and subsidiaries, seek to be a premiere provider of behavioral health services both in person and utilizing the best technology in order to complete this mission. We will especially focus our energy in reaching those that would not ordinarily have access to such high quality services.

Our Values


We are honest and truthful in all our dealings and we do not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths, selective omissions, or any other means.


We demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of our convictions by doing what we think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise. We are principled, honorable, and upright; we will fight for our beliefs. We will not sacrifice principles for expediency, be hypocritical, or unscrupulous.

Promise Keeping and Trustworthiness

We are worthy of trust. We are candid and forthcoming in supplying relevant information and correcting misapprehensions of fact. We make every effort to fulfill the letter and spirit of our promises and commitments. We do not interpret agreements in an unreasonably technical or legalistic manner in order to rationalize non-compliance or create justifications for escaping commitments.


Demonstrate fidelity and loyalty to persons and institutions by uniting in adversity as well as support and devotion to duty. We do not disclose things learned in confidence. We safeguard the ability to make professional judgments by scrupulously avoiding undue influences and conflict of interests.


We are fair and just in all dealings. We do not exercise power arbitrarily and do not use overreaching or indecent means to exert advantage. We do not take advantage of someone’s mistakes or difficulties. Fair persons manifest a commitment to justice, the equal treatment of individuals, and tolerance for and acceptance of diversity.

Concern for Others

We are caring, compassionate, benevolent, and kind. We help others and seek to accomplish our business objectives in a manner that causes the least harm and the greatest positive good. We will be good stewards of our company, our discipline, and ourselves.

Respect for Others

We demonstrate respect for human dignity, autonomy, privacy, rights, and interests of all those that have a stake in their decisions. We are courteous and treat others with equal respect and dignity because they are human.

Law Abiding

We abide by laws, rules, and regulations relating to our business activities.

Commitment to Excellence

We pursue excellence in performing our duties. We are well informed and prepared, and constantly endeavor to increase our proficiency in all areas of responsibility.


We are conscious of the responsibilities and opportunities of our position and seek to be positive and ethical role models by our own conduct and helping to create an environment in which principled reasoning and ethical decision making are highly prized.

Reputation and Morale

We seek to protect and build the company’s good reputation and the morale of our clients by engaging in no conduct that may undermine respect, and by taking whatever actions are necessary to correct or prevent inappropriate conduct of others.


We acknowledge and accept personal accountability for the ethical quality of our decisions and omissions to ourselves, or colleagues, our company, and our communities.

You can be okay

Our New Home for Online Therapy

Launched in Summer of 2020 our new brand will give clients a gateway to their treatment experience.

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Substance Abuse Evaluations

EAP Services

Aftercare Services

Other Services

Crisis Intervention

Effectively responding to and managing mental health emergencies is an integral part of any functioning mental health system. We leverage our experience and reduce risk to your clinicians.

AMA Assessments

Patients that want to leave against medical advice can wait hours for an evaluation, exposing you to liability. We can expedite this process with our experience and use of technology.

Court Services

Utilizing our nearly twenty years of experience in the mental health system, we can provide qualified independent evaluations for your patients under involuntary commitment.


Our experienced clinicians can train your staff in a wide variety of topics ranging from the services you see here, to a customized curriculum.

From our CEO

My name is Willard. Thank you for visiting my website. My approach to counseling is that each individual has the potential within them to accomplish anything. My job is to help you realize that potential and to make peace with the issues that you face. Notice I never said anything about “getting over” what you have going on, because I believe that there are some things that make that impossible. But, I believe that if you are willing to work with me to achieve your goals, you can achieve the recovery you truly want.

My journey to the present day has been unconventional to say the least. I’ve worked in the mental health field since graduating with my Master’s Degree in 2007. I’ve worked with many different populations in many different settings. I’ve also supervised others, taught at a college level, and made presentations to other professionals. In the real world, I’ve worked in law enforcement, the medical field, customer service, and now I own my own business. I believe this varied experience allows me to approach care from a more emphatic and pragmatic approach to treatment.

My company is ten years in the making, and I approach business differently in that I want to do things right from the beginning. It is not meant to be a top-heavy or politically minded organization where client care is an afterthought. Rather, we choose to let our mission and values be our compass toward setting a standard for other mental health agencies.

So if you truly are about about helping others I invite you to join me. Whether it be a hugely valuable treatment contract, or simply a client referral, your support is appreciated and it is one more step in me achieving my dream.

Strategic Partnerships.

Medicaid Programs

Insurance Partnerships

Available in six states, and worldwide where allowed by law.

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